Grove Creek Observatory Weather Station
Trunkey Creek NSW
Alt: 935 meters. Time Zone:+10UT (ADST)
Last update at 04:54:50 local time on 24 February 2024 (17:54:50 UT)

04:54:50:   Error and Steady

Sunrise will be at 06:45:01    Sunset will be at 19:46:49


   Current Trunkey Creek Weather Snapshot
Outside Temperature     Error and Steady Barometric Pressure     911 hPa and Steady
Dew Point     Error and Steady Outside Humidity     Error and Steady
Wind Speed (gust)     7.2 km/h from 242° (SW) Rainfall Rate     0 mm/hour, 0 mm since 9am
Wind Speed (av.last 10 min)     6.1 km/h Local Forecast  
Wind Direction (Gust)    242° (SW) (according to weather station)  
Wind Direction (av.last 10 min)     242° (SW)

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Wind Rainfall Solar/Lunar Historical

   Outside Temperature
Current Temperature    Error and Steady


Today's Minimum    
Yesterday's Minimum    - No Valid Data -
Maximum    - No Valid Data -
Year-to-Date Minimum    +10.7 °C at 06:08 on 06 January
Maximum    +39 °C at 13:34 on 11 January
Current Wet Bulb Temperature    
Current Wet Bulb Depression    

Current Dew Point     Error
Today's Minimum     
Yesterday's Minimum     - No Valid Data -
Maximum     - No Valid Data -
Current Wind Chill     Error
Minimum Wind Chill since 9am     
Current Heat Index     Error

   Relative Humidity    

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Current Humidity     Error and Steady

Today's Minimum    
Yesterday's Minimum     10 % at 08:59
Maximum     10 % at 08:59
Year-to-Date Minimum     10 % at 17:47 on 24 January
Maximum     98 % at 09:24 on 18 January

   Barometric Pressure
Current Barometric Pressure     911 hPa and Steady

Today's Minimum     906 hPa at 15:58
Maximum     911 hPa at 04:54
Yesterday's Minimum     908 hPa at 05:28
Maximum     914 hPa at 11:43
Est. Cu Cloud Base Height    


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Latest Wind Gust     7.2 km/h Gust Direction      242° (SW)
10-minute Wind Average     6.1 km/h Average Direction      242° (SW)
Today's Maximum Gust     45.4 km/h, 47° at 13:49 Today's Wind Run      295.248 Kilometers
Yesterday's Maximum Gust     28.4 km/h, 65° at 08:05 Yesterday's Wind Run      284.682 Kilometers
Year-to-Date Maximum  

  53.6 km/h, 131° at 02:13 on 05 February

Current Rainfall Rate    

Today's Total Rainfall     0 mm
Today's Maximum Rate     nil
Yesterday's Total Rainfall     0 mm
Yesterday's Maximum Rate     nil
Days Since Last Measured Rain     6
Last Measured Rain     0 mm
Year-to-Date Total Rainfall     30.5 mm of rain since 00:00 on 01 January

   Solar / Lunar    

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Yesterday Today Tomorrow
Sun Rise   06:45:01 06:45:56
Sun Set   19:46:49 19:45:38
Moon Rise   19:25 19:52 20:17
Moon Set  




Start Civil Twilight  

will start at 06:19:17

End Civil Twilight  

will end at 20:12:29

Local Solar and Lunar Almanac for Grove Creek

Latest NASA Sunspot Image
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Geomagnetic Field: