Small Radio Telescope (SRT) Project

The radio telescope is owned and operated by Greg Ford and Andrew Mattingly and is kindly hosted by The Grove Creek Observatory at Trunkey Creek, NSW, Australia

Completed in April 2007, the Small Radio Telescope (SRT) uses a 2.3m diameter dish driven by an altitude/azimuth computer control drive system with an FFT based radio spectrometer receiver operating between 1370 - 1800 MHz to make various radio astronomy observations including the 21 cm (1420 MHz) spin flip line of atomic hydrogen. The receiver uses digital technology with a 8-bit analogue to digital down converter, digital signal processor (DSP) and is controlled remotely using a STAMP microprocessor and RS-232 communications. The SRT is fully internet remote controlled via a high speed satellite broadband connection.

The equipment is located at The Grove Creek Observatory, 60 kilometerss south of Bathurst, NSW in an electrically quiet rural area, 5 kilometers from the nearest village (Trunkey Creek, pop 75).

Grove Creek Observatory is Australian Standards Designated Optical Observatory: DO3 - 14 and International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Centre Observatory: E16



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